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Banking by nature entails a huge amount of risk and resultantly Export Import Bank of Bangladesh has established a robust Internal Control system through Internal Control & Compliance Division (ICCD) in accordance with guidelines of Core Risk Management and framework provided by the Bangladesh Bank.
ICCD is a management tool which is designed to conduct continuous monitoring:
- Provide reasonable assurance regarding achievement of bank's objectives
- Promote operational efficiency.
- Ensure that assets are safeguarded, information (financial & others) is timely and reliable, errors & irregularities are discovered and corrected promptly.
- Establish compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as policies and procedures.
- Mitigate the risk of unexpected loss and damage
ICCD of Exim Bank is efficient & effective, conducive to achievement of bank's goal/objectives.
ICCD of Exim Bank is running under the overall guidance of a highly experience banker, Mr. Shah Md. Abdul Bari, the Senior Executive Vice President.
The division is divided into three (03) separate departments each of which is also headed by an experienced executive.
- Audit and Inspection Operations Department
- Audit and Inspection Compliance Department
- Audit and Inspection Monitoring Department
ICCD has IT audit team to conduct routine & surprise IT inspection in the branches & divisions of Head Office.
Operations Department is established with a view to carrying out comprehensive internal audit of the branch & divisions of Head Office.
- Each year the Head of Internal Control & Compliance Division sets out an audit & inspection plan for the year, which is approved by the Managing Director and has concurrence of the Board Audit Committee. The division prepares schedule to conduct routine inspection once in non-AD branches & divisions of Head Office and twice in AD branches in a year. The deficiency identified during the course of inspection is being notified to the appropriate level and significant findings are reported to the Managing Director and simultaneously to the Board Audit Committee.
- Similarly, the department conducts special/surprise inspection as and when required.
Compliance Department is established to take effective measures for collection and timely submission of compliance of different regulatory requirements, Bangladesh Bank Inspection Reports, internal and external audit reports etc.
Monitoring Department is established with a view to monitoring, reviewing and examining the activities of different branches / departments and identifying risk areas.
EXIM Bank has formed an Board Audit Committee comprising 05 (five) members of the Board of Directors with a view to act better as a bridge among the Board of Directors, Executive Authority, Depositors, Shareholders etc. So, the Committee plays an effective role in establishing an efficient, strong and secured banking system.
- The committee places its report regularly to the Board of Directors of the Bank with review and recommendations on internal control system, compliance of rules and regulations and establishment of good governance within the Bank. The Board has given the responsibility to implement a sound internal control system in the Bank as per requirement of Bangladesh Bank.

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