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The Activities of EXIM Bank Foundation
Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming an increasingly important activity to business in our country as well as other countries around the globe. Many of the corporations have progressively recognized the benefits of providing CSR programs in their various locations. In recent years CSR has become a fundamental business practice and has gained much attention from all the concerned of larger companies of our country. EXIM Bank believes that a strong CSR program is an essential element in achieving good business practices and effective leadership. An organization's impact on the economic, social and environmental landscape directly affects their relationships with its stakeholders, in particular investors, employees, customers, business partners, government and communities. The country's long -standing traditions of respect for family and social networks and high value placed on relationships, social stability and education are well revered by EXIM Bank.
EXIM Bank believes in togetherness with its entire stakeholder in a broader inclusive sense to the endless pursuit of glory and success. Since inception in 1999, the term "social responsibility" is much more emphasized than the term 'profit maximizing'. EXIM Bank always proceeds with resilient support to lessen the desolation of the underprivileged and distressed sector of the country. In this connection, EXIM Bank has established EXIM Bank Foundation in the year 2006 to carry out CSR activities in the most planned and orderly manner.
Education – the inheritance of humanity :
EXIM Bank resolutely believes that education is the inheritance of humanity. None should block its spread, as it blocks progress and prosperity particularly for the poor of the country. We would like to say that education is the core factor that can bring about most of the positive changes at its stratums and leave an endless effect to stimulate further changes automatically. Our nation will be built up on the principles of equity and democracy in true sense if, adequate education can be ensured to the underprivileged sector. Therefore, the aim of EXIM Bank to patronize education is to help building up an embryonic and prosperous nation.

Two of our most successful endeavors are "EXIM Bank Scholarship Program", a stipend package for poor and meritorious students that takes care of the beneficiaries throughout their student life, and "Education Promotion Scheme", a profit free investment "Quard-al–hasanah" scheme for insolvent and meritorious students.
EXIM Bank Scholarship Program :
EXIM Bank Scholarship Program was launched in the year 2006 with 61 poor meritorious students selected from different reputed educational institutions of Dhaka City including Govt. Laboratory High School, Viqarunnissa Noon School and College, Dhaka University, BUET, Dhaka Medical College, etc. Till April 30 2013, we have enrolled as many as 2100 students from around 350 reputed educational institutions across the country. The students, who were enrolled in this program, will be taken care of for rest of their educational life subject to fulfillment of the eligibility criteria that includes satisfactory academic results, non - involvement in student politics, etc. A good deal of money has been disbursed as scholarship under this program. In the meantime, 458 nos. scholars of "EXIM Bank Scholarship Program" have completed their studies for which they will no longer be eligible to receive scholarship from the Foundation. As per policy of the program their position will be treated as vacant and the vacancies will be filled up by enrolling same numbers new students from the same educational institutions and departments where those 458 nos. students were studying in. At the same time the Scholarship Program is about to enroll additional 200 poor but meritorious students who are captioned in different national dailies as "Odommo Medhabi" "Obhavi Ghorer Medhabi Mukh" "Adhar Ghore Chader Alo" and the like. The new student enrollment procedure is in process and by July 2013 they will be enrolled into the program Inshallah.
Education Promotion Scheme:
Under Education Promotion Scheme, quard or interest- free loan is provided for poor and meritorious students to help those bear monthly educational expenditure including academic expenses, food, accommodation, etc. The quard is disbursed to the selected students in monthly installments till their accomplishing the master degree. Under this program the students are required to repay the amount (only the principal amount) in long - term monthly installments after they have joined a confirmed job accomplishing their education properly. By 31st December 2010, 178 poor and meritorious students from a number of reputed educational institutions like Dhaka University, Chittagong University, Dhaka Medical College, BUET, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology etc. are enrolled to be taken care of during their graduate and post- graduate level of education.
EXIM Bank Agricultural University, Bangladesh (EBAUB)
The vulnerable features of Northern Bangladesh characterized by frequent river erosion, flood and drought, social inequalities in education & health, and migration affecting livelihoods of its poor inhabitants inspired the Bank for undertaking some initiatives for their assistance in advancement. Until now, there is no existence of any private agricultural university in North Bengal although northern part of the country is densely populated and has enormous potential for agricultural development. A large portion of quality students having good results in SSC and HSC cannot get admission into public agricultural university every year. In essence, availability of admission would enable them to pursue higher education in agriculture. EXIM Bank Supports export import initiatives throughout the country. North Bengal has potentially to grow many exportable agricultural commodities.

Considering this circumstances and through dialogue with Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Department of Agricultural Extension(BAE), Department of Livestock Services(DLS), etc., EXIM Bank has meanwhile perceived an understanding and justification of setting-up of "EXIM Bank Agricultural University, Bangladesh(EBAUB)", a private agricultural university at Chapainawabgang, Rajshahi, to be the first of its kind in Northern Bangladesh, to create greater opportunity of diversified and demand-driven education for the prospective medium income group candidates at their doorsteps, as well as to create an opportunity for conducting agricultural research to solve local problems.

The University is meant to provide education and learning to its students to prepare them for assuming greater responsibilities as administrators, teacher and professionals and others. EXIM Bank Agricultural University, Bangladesh (EBAUB) will be a privately supported, co-educational institution. Its major commitments will be to provide international standard agricultural educational program at undergraduate & graduate levels and impart continuing educational, public and research services at the most reasonable cost to students.

Besides all educational programs of our own, a good deal of charity is done for developing infra -structure of educational institutions, hospitals, etc. or providing equipments for them. EXIM Bank sponsors holding of different seminars, conferences or convocation program s of universities as well.
Health Sector :
Bangladesh is the most densely populated poor developing country of the world. A significant portion of the population lives below the poverty line. Appropriate and modern medical facility is unreachable to them. Obviously it is not possible for the Government to provide proper medical services for all. Moreover, private modernized healthcare services are beyond the ability of most of the people. So, the poor and helpless has few places to move for health care facilities which are never so healthy in true sense. Considering this situation, EXIM Bank has treated healthcare sector as the most significant sector to deal with. The programs those have been taking care of are:
EXIM Bank Hospital :
EXIM Bank Hospital has started providing medical services from 8th May, 2010. It is a reflection of the commitment of the Bank towards the nation especially to create comfortable accessibility of poor patients into modern health care facilities. Since inception of the Hospital, our collective effort is going on to bring about the best possible service considering all related issues. We have already appointed a good number of experienced and skilled personnel headed by a Resident Director in the hospital. Within this short phase of service career, EXIM Bank Hospital has earned confidence from all spheres of people due to endless effort, care and positive attitude of the professionals of the hospital in every single issue. At present the 24 hours service units of the hospital are Pathology, Radiology & Imaging, Pharmacy, Emergency, Medicine, Dentistry, Surgery, ENT, Child & Maternity Care, etc. Besides, EXIM Bank engages a good deal of money to help poor helpless patients to bear their treatment expenses.
Renovating Burn Unit ICU, DMCH:
It is an inestimable gratification of EXIM Bank to become a part to the renovation works of 12 bedded Intensive Care Unit of Burn Unit, Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Seriously burnt poor and helpless patients from all over the country literally have this only place to get ICU facility and comparatively superior treatment provided by highly qualified and devoted doctors. EXIM Bank beholds the pleasure to become a part of this divine effort.
Supporting Formalin Free Campaign:
It is known to all that formalin and textile dye stuffs to preserve foods playing a devastating role to cause serious health problems in human body. Of late, the government has taken various steps to prevent unauthorized massive usage of formalin in food, fish and vegetables. To intensify government initiatives , EXIM Bank has donated one formalin de-hydrate machine to Gulshan-2 Kancha Bazar which is facilitating the traders to sale formalin-free fruits, vegetables, fishes, meat and other food items to the customers.
Side - by - side with the distressed
A vital area we are dealing with is helping people survive natural calamities. Under this welfare program, EXIM Bank provides relief in cash and kind for flood, fire or cyclone victims and cold -stricken people. The aim of these CSR activities is to help the target group overcome their provisional handicap and contribute to the socio- economic growth as soon as possible.

Every year, fire snatches away hundreds of lives from slums, garments manufacturing units and from different places of urban and sub-urban areas of the country, specifically from different areas of Dhaka city. In December 2012, a devastating fire caused death to hundreds at Neemtoli shanty, Raerbazar, Dhaka and Tazreen Fashion, a garments manufacturing unit, Ashulia, Savar. EXIM Bank has donated 90 rickshaws among fire victim rickshaw owners of Neemtoli shanty and stood beside the bereaved families of unfortunate workers of Tazrin Fashion.
Beautiful City - Safe City
In response to the call of the Dhaka City Corporation, EXIM Bank has been sharing a good portion of the mammoth task of beautifying the capital since 2005. To make the capital a modern city enriched with adequate urban amenities, EXIM Bank always joins hands with the government.

EXIM Bank has donated to build a foot over bridge at Paribagh near Shahbagh crossing named "Tanzila Sarah Foot- over Bridge". It is a reflection of the Bank to make the city safer through building such foot over bridge which is now a big help to the city dwellers while crossing the busy road.

Besides, a good share of fund of the Foundation goes to the charity organizations working for the betterment of the socio- economic condition of the people as well.
Miscellaneous Activities:
EXIM Bank is always prompt to stand beside the helpless. The Dhaka Pilkhana carnage in 2009 rendered a good number of families helpless in absence of their sole guardians. EXIM Bank immediately took over the living cost of eight of the families and will continue to bear their living and other expenses at a decent standard primarily for ten long years at a stretch.

EXIM Bank has profound homage to the initiatives taken by the Govt. for upholding the spirit of our great liberation war and the fearless freedom fighters. In this respect the bank has donated to "Muktijuddho Jadughar Nirman "& "Jatir Janak Bangga Bandhu SMR Memorial Trust "fund.

EXIM Bank believes concerted efforts by the corporate bodies to promote education, generate self-employment, alleviate poverty, develop infra-structure, patronize research work, etc. from charity consideration will have a nation-building effect.

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