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Mr. Mohammad Feroz Hossain
B.Sc (Hon’s), M.Sc, Dhaka University
Message from the Managing Director & CEO

As-salamu Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullah

Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Ltd. cares for your money, valuables, prosperity, time and health, and craves for a good life of yours. Its 141 outlets along with its corporate head office teem with a generous staff to cater to your comforts, its16246-hotline buzz round the clock to listen to your wishes while its ibank.eximbankbd.com-Internet Banking Aiser keeps working for you in silence, and without fail, in your home, or your office, or your transports, wherever you are.

In business talk, our key goals comprise consolidation of the assets for our better resilience, standardization of customer service for your warmer feelings, rationalization of operational expenses for your further relief, innovation in product design for your satisfaction, and many more for your surprise. With these goals in view, EXIM Bank is ever expanding its business to fresh areas across the country opening new branches and sub-branches. The horizontal expansion also testifies ever-increasing demand for EXIM services interwoven into the socio-economic texture of the country. The locations of the new outlets range from a tiny para of a remote village to a busy mahalla of the Capital only to consolidate its base along geo-economical lines, and off course to align with financial inclusion, rural development, gender development, green industrialization policies.

Every year we are tailoring new products for our customers according to their special needs. In addition to providing deposit-investment services through regular Islamic modes, so far EXIM Bank has branded tens of deposit and investment products, which convey the distinct look and feel of the bank and have earned much popularity among banking connoisseurs. We have tailor-made banking solutions for people of all strata, ages, professions, tastes, etc.—women, housewives, students, senior citizens, prospective hajj pilgrims, farmers, married couples, marriage-aspirants, self-employed youths, small entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs, and so on.

EXIM Bank is providing banking services, from petty balance check to critical cash dispense and from day-to-day shopping payment to monthly utility bill settlement, on all possible platforms of the day—plastic card, mobile phone, internet, and so on—through tens of Shariah-based banking products. We have branded our internet banking as ‘Aiser’, meaning easy dealing, with some exceptional features. The Internet Banking Aiser is available on the mobile app named EXIM e-Wallet.

However, the fast growth of an organization does not necessarily guarantee its consistent growth in the distant future—for this we need to infiltrate a quality of sustainability into the present growth for its constant momentum. EXIM Bank believes in long-term sustainability. This is why it abides by the thumb rules of prudence and wisdom while deploying its assets and harnessing its liabilities. EXIM Bank takes an unfaltering stand with regards to maintaining asset quality. While selecting investment customers, we ensure diversification of areas from the risk management point of view and sustained profitability consideration. Our investment portfolio cover a wide area—ready-made garments, chemicals, cement, medical equipment, telecommunication, trade businesses, manufacturing, handicraft, agriculture, cattle-raising, poultry, tree plantation, bakery, service-oriented businesses, baby food, capital machinery, transport, raw materials, house building, and many more.

EXIM Bank loves to be with the people, even when they go beyond the frontiers of business—it always responds to each appeal of the people. When they are submerged with flood, it promptly provides them with rehabilitation; when they are stricken with cold, it stands by them with the warmth of cloth; when they achieve any national glory, it readily applauds them. It offers scholarship to poor but meritorious students under EXIM Bank Scholarship Programme. Besides, meritorious students have been taken under its Quard-e-Hasanah Project, under which the beneficiaries are provided with profit-free Quard with a long-term instalment-based repayment schedule that starts after they have started their professional career. In a bid to reach out agro-education to remote areas, EXIM Bank has founded a private agricultural university, EXIM Bank Agricultural University Bangladesh (EBAUB) in Chapai Nawabganj, the first university of the kind in the country. We are running a modern general hospital at Kazipara, Mirpur, Dhaka named EXIM Bank Hospital. All these corporate social responsibilities are performed by EXIM Bank Foundation which came into being in 2006 as a charity wing of EXIM Bank.

Excellence in performance, in terms of both Shariah-based Islamic banking and technology-driven modern banking, is a constant pursuit of EXIM Bank and the bank is recognized in home and abroad this way with numerous awards such as Arabian Global Banker Award by Arabian Bankers’ Council, International Gold Medal for Quality & Service Award by Mexico-based Worldwide Marketing Organization, ICMAB Best Corporate Award to name a few.

While providing people with cutting-edge banking services, it ensures compliance with the Shariah principles and upholds Islamic culture everywhere. EXIM bank has declared its firm stand against allowing terrorists and money launderers any room here, and above all we love to go ‘greenway’.

I welcome you to our green home—let us make it another home for you.


Mohammad Feroz Hossain
Managing Director & CEO

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