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Dividend Distribution Policy
This policy, known as the “Dividend Distribution Policy of Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited”, has been formulated in line with Directive no. BSEC/CMMRRCD/2021-386/03 dated 14 January 2021 of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) on dividend distribution and management. The policy seeks to lay down a broad framework on dividend payments that it makes to the Shareholders taking into consideration of the medium and long-term strategies of the Bank, business performance & financial plan of the Bank, state of the country’s economy & the industry, expectations of the shareholders, and applicable law & regulations/directives from time to time. The Policy shall apply to the ordinary equity shares issued and outstanding.

The Board of Directors may declare interim dividend/recommend final dividend complying the applicable rules and regulation in force or to be enforced and issued or to be issued from time to time by Regulatory Authorities.
Entitlement of Dividend
Shareholder(s)/member(s) of the Bank, whose names are appeared in the Register of Members and/or Depository Register of the Bank on the record date fixed by the Bank, are entitled to receive dividends for the corresponding year.
Dividend Recommendation & Approval Process
Dividend to be recommended and approved as per applicable Acts and regulatory directives issued from time to time. The Board shall consider the Policy while proposing dividend on behalf of the Bank. However, this Policy is not an alternative to the decision of the Board for proposing dividends, which takes into consideration all the relevant circumstances or other factors as may be decided by the Board.
Dividend Payment/Distribution Process & Manner
All dividends (cash and / or stock) to be paid/distributed upon deduction of applicable taxes to the entitled shareholder(s) / member(s) following applicable regulatory directives from time to time.
The Bank shall not forfeit any unclaimed cash dividend or stock dividend till the claim becomes barred by the law of land in force.
Disclosure of the Policy
This policy to be disclosed in the Annual Report, website of the Bank, and any other mode as directed by the regulators.
This policy may be reviewed by the Board as and when the need arises.
Submission of dividend distribution compliance report
The Bank shall submit a dividend distribution compliance report (where applicable) to the regulator(s) in a specified format issued by the regulator(s) within stipulated time of completion of dividend distribution to the entitled shareholders.
This Policy is not a solicitation for investments in the Bank’s share and not an assurance of guaranteed returns in any form of investments related to the Bank’s share

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