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Mudaraba Term Deposit Receipt
Mudaraba Term Deposit Receipt (MTDR) account is opened under the Mudaraba (Profit Sharing) principal of Islami Shariah. Under the above principal the clients known as Shaheb-Al Mal provides 100 percent of the capital and the Bank known as Mudarib is the one providing its specialist knowledge to invest the capital and manage the investment project. It is issued by our Bank branches against deposit of certain amount of money by customer(s)/person(s)/organisation, after observing the rules of Anti Money laundering, for a fixed period but not less than one month with a commitment to return his/their deposited money with more or less certain percentage of profit (Tax applicable) after expiry of the period. The minimum amount of MTDR, rate, renewal procedure and premature encashment rules determined & circulate by our Head Office from time to time. These deposits are repayable subject to a period of notice and hence known as time deposit or time liabilities meaning thereby that these are withdraw able subject to a period of notice and not on demand.
Different period of MTDR products
MTDR for 01 month
MTDR for 02 months
MTDR for 03 months
MTDR for 06 months
MTDR for 12 months
MTDR for 24 months
MTDR for 36 months
Main Features of MTDR
Any adult person (individually or jointly) having sound mind or any institution/organization can open MTDR Account with any branch of the Bank.
Minimum depositing amount Tk.10000.00 (ten thousand) and above but multiple of Tk.100.00 (one hundred)
One or more account can be opened in the same name at the same branch of the bank
Deposit of MTDR Account will bear the following weightage:
Tenure/Period Weightage
01 Month 0.83
02 Months 0.83
03 Months 0.88
06 Months 0.92
12 Months 0.96
24 Months 0.96
36 Months 0.96
Profit will be calculated on daily basis on provisional rate of profit and also applied on due date of maturity
Investment against lien of such receipt may be allowed up to 90% of deposited amount subject to normal terms and conditions of investment of the bank
Terms and Conditions
Normally, deposited amount of MTDR is not encashable before maturity. If any depositors intends to encash his/her MTDR Receipt before maturity due to certain unavoidable circumstances, the following terms and conditions will come into force:
No profit shall be allowed for premature encashment within 01(one) month
If the account is encashed after completion of any tenure but before maturity, depositors will be entitled to receive the benefit at the provisional rate of profit of Mudaraba Savings Account.
The provisional rate of profit of Mudaraba Savings Account will treat the provisional rate of profit, which was prevailed at the time of opening the MTDR account.