Cautionary Notice (Regarding Online Forex Trading / Dealing) Disclosures on Risk Based Capital (Basel-III) Code of Conduct for EXIM Bank
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Revised Profit / Rent (Mid Rate)

Sl. Mode of Investment Revised Profit / Rent (Mid Rate)
1. Agri (Bai-Muajjal/Murabaha/Izara Bil Baiya) 9% (Fixed)
2. Import substitute crops: Pulse, Oil seed, spices, maize 4% (Fixed)
3. Small Women Entrepreneurs* 10% (Fixed)
4. Dairy Farm/Poulty Farm engaged to produce Bio-Gas or Bio-Gas based Elecricity production* 9% (Fixed)
5. Eco Friendly/ Green Project Establishment* 9% (Fixed)
6. Term Investment for Large & Medium industries (Izara Bil Baiya) 13.50%
7. Term Investment for Small Industries (Izara Bil Baiya) 13.50%
8. Working Capital for Large & Medium industries (Bai-Muajjal/Murabaha) 13.50%
9. Working Capital for Small industries (Bai-Muajjal/Murabaha) 13.50%
10. Export: Bai-Muajjal (PC) 7% (Fixed)
11. Commercial investment for Large Customer (MTR/MPI/MIB/Bai-Muajjal) 13.50%
12. House Building (IBB/Bai-Muajjal both Residential & Commercial) 13.50%
13. Investment to Non-Banking Institution (NBFIs) 13.50%
14. Investment under consumer scheme 13.50%
15. Credit Card 2.00% (Monthly)
16. Others (Bai-Salam/MDB/Bai-Muajjal(Export)/Medium & Small Commercial investment. 13.50%
* Conditon apply for obtaining re-finance facility from Bangladesh Bank.

Last updated on 25-Jan-2018